Blunt Blondie
Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither
Damon Baird

Name: Damon S. Baird
DOB: 17 Brume, 21 B.E.
Age: 37
Height: 6’1”
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Himself, machines, silence, googles, explosions
Dislikes: Moody women, technology that doesn’t cooperate, the sound of other people talking

What can I say? I’m attractive, intelligent, physically imposing—oh, and chicks seem to dig the sarcasm thing. I do that a lot. Makes sense why I’m so popular, huh?

I was born during the Pendulum Wars, in Tollen, to be exact. Old money kind of place; very depressing. But that was my family life all around… depressing. I was a smart kid so everyone hated me. I set the bar too high in school and they couldn’t keep up. To my parents, I was a failure. “How dare you disrespect everything your father and I have worked for, Damon!” Not that Ma worked too hard, being a socialite and all. It was Magistrate Jocelin Baird, my father, that did it all. I thought he was going to allow me to do what I wanted… then Elinor, like a snippy little dog, got on his heels. I wanted to be an engineer. It seems like a respectable job to me, and hey, it made me happy. I like taking things apart, seeing what makes them do the things they do.

But I didn’t get to be an engineer. When I was seventeen and announced my plans to head to college, I was told I had to enlist in the army or my inheritance was going to the cat. Great folks, right? Okay, maybe they didn’t say the cat was getting it—in fact, I couldn’t have a pet because Ma thought everything was too filthy—but the meaning was the same. I had to join the army or get out. So I put off my plans of going to college, but I didn’t enlist right away. I may be greedy, but my selfishness outweighs any of that. I spent months tinkering on little mechanical projects, biding my time until my parents either forgot about the army spiel or I turned eighteen and could disappear.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans.

My parents are gone, my city is gone. I never saw my inheritance despite fighting in a war for almost twenty years. Everything about my past is gone. Dead.

Yeah, I’m a Gear. I rose the ranks for a while—I was especially proud of making Sergeant. But the military doesn’t like my smart mouth. Needless to say I’m not a sergeant anymore. During my career, I’ve been promoted and demoted three times. I’ve been stuck on corporal for a while, but hey, that’s good enough for me. Just enough responsibility. I hated being in charge of a squad, although that lasted only two days.

I’ve been on lots of daring adventures following the Golden Boy of the COG, Marcus Fenix. Ask me sometime. I’m always willing to relive the crazy days.